Show Me The Money Performance: 5 Minute Video Excerpt

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Directed by Catherine Galasso

Choreography by Catherine Galasso in collaboration with the performers: Indah Boyle, Courtney Cooke, Bessie McDonough-Thayer, Yuko Mitsuishi, Ryan Eggensperger
Lighting Design by Ryan Eggensperger
Music in this clip by Brian Eno, Moby, and Benny Goodman

Supported by a Swing Space Residency through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and funding by the Bossak-Heilbron Charitable Foundation.

Performed November 2009, LMCC Swing Space at 14 Wall St, New York, NY
Total running time: 60 minutes

“Show Me The Money” TRAILER

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dance theater for a former bank vault
Thurs-Sat, November 5-7 2009 — 8pm
LMCC Swing Space at 14 Wall Street at Broadway, New York NY
Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door

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Show Me The Money Rehearsal Yuko&Ryan

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Rehearsal for SHOW ME THE MONEY. November 5-7, 2009


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costumestrial Ok, so I guess costumes are not my strong point.  We have no costume designer, and we’re all just sort of figuring it out together.  This is a first draft, and is NOT what we will actually be wearing.  But it’s a start.

The score for these was “disheveled formal wear” but really we just look like hipsters.  Except for Yuko and I: We look like old men.  From this point we decided to look a bit more business, with less layering going on, and a simpler color palette.  More guerrilla.  I’ll have a picture up soon of what that looks like.


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so we have all these pieces of ideas floating around.  the big question is: what do i do with them all?  how to organize them?  i’m not working with a narrative this time.  what we have is the ebb and flow of rhythm and flavor of the movement and tableaux we’ve created so far. i can only run around choreographing like the headless horseman for so long.  pretty soon it’s time to put a damn show together.

this time it’s particularly hard because I got a little carried away and created way too many little pieces for one coherent show.  now is when we try to step back and look at all these pieces and force them to get along with each other in terms of sequence. luckily, indah, bessie and yuko were able to piece this arrangement together using the the little video stills I had printed from each idea.IMG_1607

orange chair photos

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being upside down in a chair is not new… but for some reason I’m really into it these days.IMG_1575

Show Me The Money Rehearsal Ryan&Kat Light Plays

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Ryan and I are playing with different ways to interact with the light. Ryan’s character has become “the dude who keeps his tools in the corner.” We like how this scene opens up the space, how our relationship to each other changes throughout.

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